Grey legged douroucouli

Could they look any cuter? Just look at those eyes. Stunning…but they're like that for a reason.

Also known as a night monkey, lemurine or owl monkey, the douroucouli is the world’s only truly nocturnal monkey.

This beautiful looking creature can only be found in the tropical and subtropical forests of South America. Those eyes are so striking and also vital in order to help them with their after dark activities. Do they remind you of another nocturnal creature? An owl perhaps?

They certainly like it up high and very rarely come down from the canopy (or top level) of the trees. If they do venture down then they like to play ‘hide and seek’ and stay well hidden in thick vegetation.

You’ll most likely spot our douroucouli late in the afternoon as she wakes up and has a good stretch before a busy night ahead!


The grey legged douroucouli is most at risk from hunting and being taken for use in medical research. Also from the loss of their homes due to the cutting down of trees, growing of illegal crops and fighting.

Grey legged douroucouli questions and answers

So what do they like to eat?
They are known as frugivores. That means they mainly eat fruit. Occasionally though they will vary their diet and eat insects, nectar and other small mammals when fruit is in short supply.

When are they most active?
Well, they are classed as nocturnal so mainly at night, but particularly during the hours of twilight.

Do douroucoulis make a noise?
They do. In fact they’re very vocal indeed. They can make a whole range of noises from clicks to hoots, from low pitch rumblings to high pitched squeaks!

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