White faced saki

These striking looking primates may be small in stature but they're big on personality.

Although the same species, the saki monkey male and female look very different.

The male is instantly recognisable due to the jet black hair covering most of his body, apart from his face which is a whitey/pink colour. They sport a rather fetching ‘tash’ too! Whereas the females are grey/brown in colour and have a ‘beatles’ inspired haircut!

They prefer to spend their time in the trees at the middle to lower canopy level and very rarely climb down to the floor.

White faced saki questions and answers

Where are they from?
South America, in and around Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

How agile are they?
Very, they mostly move on all fours but do sometimes run in an upright position.

What do they eat?
They are frugivorous. That means they mainly eat fruit. They do sometimes eat seeds and nuts too.

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