Helmeted guinea fowl

Originally native to the Sahara region of Africa it can now be found in Europe, Australia and Brazil.

They do have wings, but they rarely use them.

Helmeted guinea fowl are perfectly capable of flying but most choose not to. They actually prefer to walk everywhere. It is possible for them to walk up to six miles (10km) a day.

They’re quite striking in their appearance in that they have a bony structure on top of their red, blue and white head. Some birds even have a wattle; a flap of loose skin that that dangles beneath their jaw. They also have a very distinct white spotty pattern to their feathers.

Guinea fowl are very social birds but are also fiercely territorial and protective of their young. They’re actually quite ‘chatty’ too with a number of different calls and sounds.

Helmeted guinea fowl questions and answers

How big do they grow?
They can grow up to 48cm (19 inches) long and weigh 1.8kg (4lbs).

What do they like to eat?
They’re not very adventurous and mostly live on seeds and insects.

Do they live very long?
About 12 years.

Do they have any predators?
Yes, mainly eagles and owls.

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