Cwtch Corner

In Welsh 'cwtch' means a 'hug' or a 'cuddle'. And this is exactly what you can do in Cwtch Corner.

It’s one of the most popular activities in the Jolly Barn.

Petting corner is a well loved part of any farm park visit. And we’ve been giving our visitors the chance to “cwtch” our animals since we first opened back in 1988. Our littlest visitors and even big kids will love the chance to cuddle a rabbit, get hands-on with a guinea pig or stroke a lamb. We’ve been doing it for so long that children who petted their first rabbit here are now bringing their own children to do the same.

Being farmers it’s sometimes easy to forget the magic of seeing our farmyard animals up close. But for many of our visitors, it’s the closest they’ll ever come to being on a farm. That’s why the simple act of petting a lamb or holding a rabbit is such a wonderful experience.