Summer baby boom in the barn

We’ve had some new arrivals just in time for the school holidays.

⚠️ The following content may cause extreme reactions of joy and happiness ⚠️

We’ve had some new arrivals on the farm! Just in time for your Summer visit we’ve got piglets, kids and lambs for you to ooh and ahh over. It’s almost like we planned it.

So, get yourself to Folly Farm over the next month for maximum cuteness overload.

Percy’s Piggery is bursting at the seams with baby piggies.

Omaaaagaaaaaaadd baby piggies!

The Jolly Barn is home to some baby lambs.

Yes. I am adorable.

And some baby pygmy goats 😍😍😍

We’re cute. And playful.

Our Emma trying to smuggle a baby pygmy goat out of the Jolly Barn. We’ll be checking your bag when you leave tonight!

Put the goat down Emma. Stand away from the goat.