"Best gender reveal ever"

Last week we revealed the genders of this year’s penguin chicks…live on Facebook!

The event was seen by 25,000 of our Facebook fans and there was quite a gathering at Penguin Coast too! Our dedicated keepers were a little overwhelmed as they found out the genders of the penguins they’ve lovingly looked after since their parents booted out of the nest…and our fans took to Facebook to declare it the “best gender reveal ever” 🙌.

So, what type of gender reveal to do? Well, it had to involve the keepers’ favourite food stuff…cake! And we knew just the person to help.

The amazing Anna from Anna’s Cupcake Boutique in Pembroke (and former Folly Farmer!) created five amazing penguin cakes. Anna and our zoo curator Tim were the only ones who knew the sex of the penguins in advance and she made five identical cakes with the corresponding pink or blue sponge inside.

Excitement builds ahead of the penguin gender reveal. Just look at those cakes!

First up was Madras who both Catrin and Caroline were convinced was a girl. It was a boy.

Much to the keepers’ surprise Madras turned out to be a boy.

Next we had Rogan who both keepers agreed was a girl. And they were right!

Tikka was definitely a boy according to the keepers. And again they were right.

We revealed Tikka to be a boy!

Masala was up next who the keepers both agreed was a girl. And they were on a roll! They know their penguins!

So, Masala’s a girl!

Lastly, Peshwari who split the keepers and the assembled crowd. Catrin said Girl. Caroline said boy. Caroline smashed it!

This penguin split the vote with keepers and the assembled crowd. But Peshwari is a boy!

And yes our penguin keeper’s really did choose curries for their naming theme this year! 🤣🐧

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