Lambing time

We love Easter here at Folly Farm. Mostly because it’s the time of year we have lots of lovely lambs!

Our dedicated farm team have been hard at work…lambing! And if you visit the Jolly Barn now you can meet our lovely, leggy arrivals. Because our lambing takes place behind the scenes at Folly Farm we asked Kim Brickell, our assistant farm manager, to take some video clips and photos to share with you.

🚨 This video carries a cuteness alert. You have been warned.

“Lambing is definitely one of my favourite times of the year. It’s exhausting, as we put in a few night shifts to make sure the flock are doing well and so we can give a helping hand if needed. But it’s so rewarding seeing new life on the farm and the joy on our visitor’s faces when they see the new arrivals! It’s often the first time some of our younger visitors have ever seen a lamb and it’s so great to see them discover new things and have new experiences.” – Kim Brickell

It’s lambing time…and just look at these little cuties!

Awww look at these little cuties now on display in the Jolly Baaa-rn!

Hay! That’s a lot of food. But these sheep are eating for three! Or sometimes even four!