On the job training

Our people are Folly Farm. So we want to look after them. Because they’re the ones who take such good care of our guests. We’re committed to the continued development of every member of the Folly family.

As well as internal on the job training some of our Folly Farmers are busy completing a work based apprenticeship. Yes – that’s right – they work hard and study hard! A Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) qualification is a new credit transfer that recognises qualifications and units by awarding credits. Team Leading, management, hospitality, office administration and customer service are some of the topics being studied.

folly farm staff on the job training

Kim Brickell, senior farm supervisor, studying hard at work.

With such varied jobs at Folly Farm the qualifications can be tailored to the individual and the business. QCF includes course work, discussions and observations by an assessor. It’s fantastic our Folly Farmers can achieve qualifications at their own pace whilst at work.

Kate Torok, our head of HR said;

“We believe nurturing our team and continuously reinvesting in their development is important. We want each and every Folly Farmer to get the most out of their time with us and the work based apprenticeship does just that. Working with PRP, a local training company helps the team build skills that are in line with business needs and allows the individual to learn and discover with us as we grow.”

We’re busy developing the team for the future so watch this space.