New sloth-cam comes to Tropical Trails

An opportunity to stare at a sloth long after the lights go out.

It just wouldn’t be a trip to Folly Farm without stopping by Tropical Trails to catch a glimpse of Tuppee and Lightcap; our ever popular two-toed sloths. Buoyed by their newfound fame thanks to Phil and Holly on ITV’s This Morning, it was evident that we had a pair of zoo-per stars on our hands! So, over lockdown 2020 our dedicated team of keepers set about building a whole new habitat for our super popular, super slow residents. A few months later ‘Sloth Forest’ was born. This, coupled with our sloth adoption package, has sealed their status as firm Folly Farm favourites.

sloth hanging from branch and feeding

Never ones to rest, we’ve taken it a step further. It’s now possible to get your sloth fix even when we’re closed as we beam sloth antics (I’m sure there are some) direct to your home. So, without further ado, we’re pleased to announce our brand new (drum roll please) sloth-cam! I’ll be honest – it’s not the most exciting of our live camera feeds but it does offer a rare chance to see what these two get up to when no-one is around. I‘ll give you a clue – not a lot!

You’ll probably notice that it’s not only sloths that inhabit Sloth Forest. Oh no. Tuppee and Lightcap are joined by several of their feathered friends in flight. These rare species include the Madagascan Fody, Mindanao bleeding-heart dove, pink pigeon and superb starling…and if you’re quick enough and have a keen eye you might just spot them zipping around in there too.

A sloth hanging from a branch


Camera kindly sponsored by Streamdays, part of the NW Systems Group