Sloth webcam

Ever wondered what a pair of slumberous sloths get up to when no-one is around? In short...not a lot!

***Just like our sleepy sloths it seems that our sloth-cam is fond of taking a long nap too! We are trying our best to wake it up! Sorry for any inconvenience caused.***

Check out our latest animal-cam and spy on our sleepy sloths!

Sleep. Eat. Move. Repeat.

Peek into the lives of our two-toed sloths Tuppee and Lightcap, as they go about their daily (albeit slow moving) business in amongst the branches and birds of Sloth Forest – our purpose built ‘sloth retirement home’; designed specifically to cater for our elderly sloth’s needs. It’s the next best thing to “hanging out” with them in person on a sloth feeding experience.

Just click on the play button to view the live feed. Click on the arrows in the top right hand corner for a full screen view.

Live action?

Our sloth webcam is live action from the sloth enclosure, we haven’t slowed it down, although it may feel like that at times! If you can’t see Tuppee or Lightcap moving around their habitat, don’t worry…they haven’t gone far. They’re more than likely tucked up inside their boxes doing what sloths do best – sleeping.

Camera kindly sponsored by Streamdays, part of the NW Systems Group