He won't be lonely this Christmas

Tuppee, our two toed sloth, has (literally) been hanging around waiting for this. Like a love-sick teenager he’s been hopeful of a reunion with his soul mate in time for Christmas. And now that moment has come.

Tuppee and Blackcap, both in their 20s, previously lived together at Paignton Zoo. When Tuppee moved to Folly Farm earlier this year Blackcap was unable to travel due to an infection in her claw so they’ve been apart for nearly a year.

This brilliant video captured their reunion.

The sloths are now looking forward to a Christmas curled up in front of a roaring heater in their enclosure, and the keepers are hoping that Tuppee can get used to sharing his home again after enjoying the bachelor life.

Verity Hadley, sloth keeper at Folly Farm, said:

“It’s great to see Tuppee and Blackcap back together again. We’re hoping that absence has made the heart grow fonder and that the spark between them will be rekindled now they’re sharing a home again.”

blackcap the sloth

Blackcap is the latest addition to the Folly Farm family


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