Little Miss Tiggy has been making good use of her annual pass!

Popular Pembrokeshire blogger, Megan Jones, has been snapping away to capture Tiggy’s adventures at Folly Farm throughout April. In her latest blog post for us she’s captured Tiggy’s delight at receiving a little gift from us – a giraffe adoption – a sunny visit with her brother William to see all our animals and a visit during the Easter holidays to see our pirate shows!

So, over to Meg…

There’s always lots to do at Folly Farm so this is what we’ve been up to so far in April…

It’s Spring so naturally there are lots of newborn animals here, very cute, super sweet and always a lot of delight in watching the little ones frolicking about here, you can even pet a lamb at certain times too and Tiggy’s brother William was keen to feel how soft this little lamb was.

Boy meeting newborn lamb in the Jolly Barn

Tiggy’s brother William enjoyed meeting the newborn lamb

The newborns are housed in the barn here at Folly Farm and it’s a fantastic space with plenty of animals and a little play area that Tiggy, her brothers too, love to play in.

Girl pretending to be a lion
Tiggy pretending to be a lion…Raaarrrrrr!

The vintage funfair is a huge draw so no mean feat trying to persuade the children not to partake in the rides as the theatre is housed in this area and there are often shows but once the children were in here they had seemingly forgotten all about the fairground rides as the pirate show had them gripped and they obviously enjoyed!

Boy watching Folly Farm theatre show
William enjoyed it!

Boy meeting Folly Farm's pirates
And he couldn’t wait to meet the pirates afterwards

One of the many things that Folly Farm has to offer is the adoption of their animals and Tiggy being a huge fan of their “waffes” aka giraffes she was delighted to receive a giraffe adoption as a gift from our friends at Folly Farm.

Children opening Folly Farm adoption pack
Tiggy received a gift of a giraffe adoption from our friends at Folly Farm

Girl with Folly Farm giraffe adoption
Tiggy loved her gift and mummy did too, knowing that funds raised from adoption sales help Folly Farm’s conservation partners!

Giraffe adoption board at Folly Farm
We popped in to see Tiggy’s name on the adoption board…not that we needed an excuse!

Children watching giraffes

We were fortunate that our visit this week saw some blue skies and sunshine so we had a wander around the zoo area and went in search of some animals including the rhino or “whino” as Tiggy was calling them, so sweet!

Children watching rhino
Tiggy and her brother enjoyed watching the “whino”

We stopped for some coffee and cake so that I could feed little Pip and I was able to drink my entire cup of coffee whilst still hot as there’s a little play area in the coffee shop here, perfect for entertaining the children and once all finished in here we headed outside for the children to play in one of the parks before heading home, Wills was keen to try out their tractors and whilst slow to start he was whizzing about on them in no time and it was all I could do to get him off the tractor!

Children watching penguins swim underwater

All of the activities mentioned above are included in your entry price and it really is a fun filled day out with so much here that we’ve only seen part of Folly Farm in this month so pop back to see what we get up to here in May!

You can keep up with Little Miss Tiggy’s adventures at Folly Farm on Instagram.