Tiggy's joyful June at Folly Farm

With the sunshine comes the perfect excuse to get the most out of your annual pass

That’s what Pembrokeshire blogger, Little Miss Tiggy, has discovered this month! We experienced unseasonably hot weather in the UK throughout June and we’re pleased it looks set to stay for a little longer. Meg Jones has discovered the sunny weather has provided the perfect opportunity to swing by for even more visits with Tiggy, baby Pip and their three big brothers! When you’ve got five children, not having to worry about wellies, rain macs, umbrellas, covers for the pushchairs, getting wet on the walk from the car park etc. means you can just jump in the car and head to us for an hour or two. And if you forget the sun protection cream, or a hat, we’ve got you covered as we sell them in our gift shop!

Over to Meg…

Oh wow June at Folly Farm, what a fab time we’ve had! Blessed with gorgeous weather made ducking in and out of Folly Farm for an hour or two to play before collecting the boys from school really easy and totally enjoyable with little Tiggy. Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty to occupy little ones here in any weather but as with anything, everything seems better in the sunshine.

Tiggy racing to show the penguins her bubbles the moment we arrived at Folly Farm.

Boy swinging on pirate adventure playground

Tiggy’s brother William enjoying the pirate playgrounds at Folly Farm.

Little girl watching daddy and brother on the go karts at Folly Farm

Tiggy watching her daddy and Willian on the go-karts.

Tiggy’s daddy and her big brother Finlay race around the Formula 2 go-kart track.

The outdoor spaces at Folly Farm are amazing, so many options; playgrounds, sandpits, pedal tractors, out of this world amazing pirate ships to play in, Tiggy’s a little young to make use of the go karts, but her brothers love them and of course there are so many animals to take a look at too. It’s a perfect place for the children to experience so much fun.

Given the high temperatures this month we wondered how the animals cope in the heat here at Folly Farm and we were kindly treated to a little talk by keeper Rosie about how they help the White Faced Saki to keep cool in the high temperatures by means of “enrichment” providing the Saki with frozen nut lollies that not only help keep them cool but provides stimulation as they try figure out what they’ve been given and how to get the nuts out which was great fun to watch. Other means of keeping the animals cool is to provide blocks of ice for them to sit by and even hosing them down.

Fruit and nut lolly to keep the animals cool at Folly Farm

A frozen nut and mealworm lolly for the White-faced Saki monkey.

White-faced Saki is treated to a frozen nut lolly

At first he wasn’t quite sure what to do with his lolly.

Saki eating a frozen nut lolly to keep cool

But he soon worked it out!

Zoo keeper showing boy the squirrel monkey food preparation

William, wearing his monkey t-shirt, was keen to see the squirrel monkeys have their dinner.

Zoo keeper feeding the squirrel monkeys at Folly Farm

Rosie trying to feed the squirrel monkeys – they were excited to be having their dinner!

There really is so much to see and do here and over the coming months we’ll show you just how much fun we always enjoy at Folly Farm. What Tiggy’s particularly excited about in July is meeting Skye and Rubble from PAW Patrol who are making appearances throughout the day at Folly Farm on the 29th and 30th July, if you’re in Pembrokeshire on those dates we may well see you there!

Little Miss Tiggy watching the Macaroni penguins

Tiggy watching the Macaroni penguins enjoying the sunshine.

Little Miss Tiggy watchign the penguins swimming at the underwater viewing gallery

Little Miss Tiggy watching the Macaroni penguins keep their cool in their pool.

Little Miss Tiggy enjoying the sand play at Folly Farm

Tiggy enjoying the sand play at Folly Farm.