See what our giraffes are up to right this minute on our giraffe cam.

You could spend hours watching our herd of male giraffe.

If you can’t see a giraffe then they might be in their house or somewhere else in their enclosure so please be patient.

Just click on the play button to view the live feed. Click on the arrows in the top right hand corner for a full screen view.

Who’s who?

Rian is the tallest and has different length ‘ossicones’ (or horns as they are sometimes mistaken for). Dr Shrimp is much lighter in colour and has wonky ears and Rudy is the smallest and lightest in colour.

Giraffe feeding at Folly Farm
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Feed a giraffe

You could have our giraffes literally eating out of the palm of your hand with this unique experience

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Folly Farm's Giraffe Heights
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Giraffe herd

Here come the boys...Check out our tallest residents on the zoo and learn all about our bachelor herd

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Giraffe eating lucerne
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Adopt a giraffe

Love giraffes or know someone who does? We've got the perfect gift (you'll be helping to raise money for conservation too)!

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