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Folly Zoo

With over 50 different species amounting to more than 250 animals, Folly Farm zoo in Wales is a whole day out in its own right.

We introduce visitors to many exotic species, with keeper talks and feeding times which help you to understand a bit more about some of our wilder residents.  You will also discover a whole host of fascinating facts by taking our Zoolympic Challenge Trail.

Read more about our lions, penguins, giraffes and rhinos.

A big part of our zoo's work concentrates on the conservation of vulnerable species. We are members of EAZA (European
Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and take part in European breeding programmes to help protect some of the world's most endangered animals from extinction. We have also created a fantastic new education package for school visits to our Welsh zoo and outreach workshops where we go out to schools with trained education professionals.

Endangered animals from around the world

Playing host to the only giraffes in Wales is just the start here at Folly Farm. Our enclosures are large and well equipped, with plenty to keep some of the world's most endangered animals happy, healthy and busy. We have large, purpose built enclosures for all our animals including Zebra, Ostrich, Bactrian Camel, Bongo, Fossa, Lemurs, Meerkats and many more.

At our zoo in Wales we have aviaries which are home to exotic parrots, owls, cranes, herons, storks, Kookaburra, Turaco, Ibis and lovebirds, whilst our reptilian centre recreates the perfect conditions for snakes, tortoises and iguanas.

In 2011 the Folly Interactive exhibit won a BIAZA award for Best Education Project.

If you're interested in visiting a Welsh zoo that plays a valuable part in the conservation of vulnerable species, come along to our zoo park and help us spread the word.

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