Meet the Zoo Animals

We’ve got over 100 different types of animal at our zoo.

From the weird to the wonderful. From the smallest to the tallest.

We’ve put together a list of zoo animals at Folly Farm. An animal A-Z. You can see all our zoo animals below or if you know which animal you’re looking for, just click on the letter. In our zoo animals pages, you’ll learn loads about each zoo animal. Where they come from. How long they live. What they like to eat. And you’ll be able to amaze your friends with our fun and interesting animal facts.

African lion

African spurred tortoise

Azara’s agouti

Bactrian camel

Banded mongoose

Barbary macaque

Black and white ruffed lemur

Burmese python

Chapman’s zebra

Chilean flamingo

Common shama thrush

Common squirrel monkey

Dwarf crocodile

Eastern black rhino

Eastern bongo



Green iguana

Grey crowned crane

Grey legged douroucouli

Humboldt penguin

Lowland tapir

Macaroni penguin

Napoleon bishop weaver

Nile lechwe


Orange winged Amazon parrot

Pancake tortoise

Parma wallaby

Phantasmal poison dart frog

Red handed tamarin

Red panda

Red ruffed lemur


Ring tailed lemur


Slender tailed meerkat

Two-toed sloth

White cheeked turaco

White faced saki