Who topped the adoption leaderboard?

We’ve had record adoption sales this year but which animals proved the most popular?

Your support during this year’s lockdowns has been amazing. You adopted our animals by the thousands and we’re so very grateful. Thanks to you we not only donated a whopping £9k to our conservation partners but you provided much needed income for us to continue caring for our animals. We’re truly humbled.

Just for a bit of fun, here’s the rundown of which animal adoptions were the most popular by number of sales. You sure do love our sloths! 🦥🦥

No.1 Sloth

At the top of our leaderboard it’s our sloths. With a quarter of all sales our sloths are not just “hanging on in there” they take the top spot by a huge margin for the fifth year in a row!

King Tuppee tops the leaderboard again!

Shameless plug for our sloth adoptions…there’s still time to get your order in for a Christmas delivery…but don’t hang around! *groan* or meet and feed the sloths on Folly Farm’s sloth experience!

No.2 Red panda

New to the product range at the end of 2019 our red pandas have clearly stolen your hearts and have stormed up the leaderboard this year to take second place.

Adopt a red panda at Folly Farm

Yes, I am very cute. Please adopt me!

No.3 Penguin

Always in the top three…its our p-p-pals from Penguin Coast!

No.4 Giraffe

No surprise our tallest residents reach the heady heights of the top of the leaderboard!

No.5 Pig

Consistently our most adopted farm animal, we’re pretty sure our adorable piglet litters help drive adoptions.

Ohhhhmmmaaaaaggggaaaawwwwddddd baby piggies!

No.6 Goat

Nope, we’re not kidding! Our goats make a solid entrance at No.6 on the leaderboard.

No.7 Rhino

Crashing in at No.7 its our rhino herd. Sales of rhino adoptions are up a whopping 400% on last year in no small part due to the arrival of baby Glyndwr!

No.8 Lion

Thanks to your support our pride make an appearance at No.8.

No.9 Meerkat

Look out it’s our meerkats with another strong performance on the adoption leaderboard.

No.10 Donkey

A 300% increase in sales sees our donkeys trot up the standings!

donkey pair

No.11 Llama

Introduced in November 2019, our llama adoption has proved very popu-lla-ma this year. *Double groan*

No.12 Crocodile

Our crocodile adoption is new for 2020, much like our actual crocodiles Bobo and Zemora who joined us earlier in the year. Nevertheless, they seem to have made a good first impression…must be the toothy grin!

No.13 Sheep

Ewe love our sheep too, just not as much as our sloths it would seem!

No.14 Flamingo

New for 2020 was our flamingo adoption and it seems to have proven a popular choice with almost 100 sold. We’ll see our flamingos further up next year!

No.15 Owl

Well our owl adoptions have flown out this year. They may still be near the bottom of the leaderboard but an increase in sales of 375% gives us something to hoot about!

No.16 Zebra

Come on guys…our zebra adoptions need some love!

No. 17 Lemur

Another new addition to our animal adoptions, we fully expect to see a leap up the leaderboard from our lemurs next year!

No.18 Reindeer

Our limited edition Christmas product, our reindeer adoption is only on sale for two months and is limited in number so it’s no surprise to see it at the bottom of the leaderboard. We know you love our reindeer…in fact we’ve already sold out for 2020!