Percy's Piggery

Percy’s Piggery is where you’ll see many of our rare breed pigs and our litters of piglets.

Our piggery is a real crowd pleaser.

Everyone loves our pigs. Truffling, snorting, grunting, scratching and lazing around. And there’s nothing sweeter than a large litter of piglets lined up in a row suckling from mum.

From Mangalitzas to Middlewhites – from Tamworths to Kune Kunes, you can see them all in Percy’s Piggery.

You can visit our pigs and take a stroll around our rare breed farm paddocks or you can hop aboard our land train ride. All this can be reached through the underpass from the Jolly Barn, next to the barn owls.

Love pigs or know someone that does? Why not adopt a pig and hear them squeal with delight.