World Environment Day celebrations

We’re looking to the future…are you?

World Environment Day 2019 urges governments, industry, communities, and individuals to come together to explore renewable energy and green technologies, and improve air quality in cities and regions across the world.

We played our small part on Saturday (we celebrated it early to make the most of our half-term visitors!) by raising awareness of the things we do, and our visitors can do, to help the environments in which we live.

Zoo keeper with environmental pledge board

Zoo keeper Kim proudly showing off some of our environmental initiatives

“As a responsible business our ‘Look to the Future’ team is always considering new ways we can make a reduce our environmental impact but we’re also in a position to influence and encourage our large number of visitors to take small steps towards a better future.” – Catrin Williams, HR manager

We all need to do our bit and here’s a few things we do at Folly Farm that you may not know about;

  • We’ve been proud holders of the GreenKey accreditation since 2016 – it recognises our commitment to being environmentally responsible and provides our visitors with the confidence they are visiting a sustainable tourist attraction
  • We’ve got solar panels on the fairground rooves and they produce all the power we need to run Folly Farm
  • We invested in Eco hand-driers which not only substantially reduce energy consumption but they also reduce wastage from paper towels
  • We’ve installed our own biomass system which provide the heating for our offices, Jolly Barn, fairground, shops, restaurants and animal houses
  • We’ve got our own willow plantation meaning we’re self-sufficient in browse for those animals like to munch on trees
  • And let’s not forget the poo…we’ve got plenty of the stuff and we put it to good use as fertiliser

You can learn more about how we do our small bit here or by visiting our Energy Centre in the Jolly Barn.

Keeper with environmental pledge board

Zoo keeper Pippa encouraging our visitors to make a pledge for World Environment Day