Read penguin feeding experience reviews

Five star reviews

"What an experience. My daughter Cal absolutely loves penguins and this was a dream come true for her. The keeper was wonderful with Calli and full of great information."

Rachel Bridges, Cardiff, 13 March 2024

"This was such a special experience! The zookeeper that took us around made everything so special, the penguins showed so much personality and getting to spend time in their enclosure with them up close was just incredible! Would definitely recommend and will be back!"

Rosie Goodison, Neath, 07 March 2024

"Lovely day out at Folly Farm today with the family. We got a warm welcome on a cold wet day from all the staff. Met zoo keeper Natasha and she was super friendly and welcoming. She definitely loves working here! Would highly recommend this experience especially for young families. Thank you Folly Farm staff."

Jeff Proud, Doncaster, 20 February 2024

"Harrison had the experience for his 8th birthday. He adores penguins and the experience he had with you was better than we could have imagined. Martha, the penguin keeper, was very helpful and knowledgeable, and she spent a lot of time ensuring Harrison had the best experience possible. Thank you!"

Harrison Griffiths, Bridgend, 19 February 2024

"A truly fantastic experience. I had so much fun and learnt so much. I have such a passion for wildlife and the environment so this experience was a great way to get my foot in the door and truly immerse myself. I will recommend to everyone I know as this is a must!"

Jack Goodwin, Bridgend, 04 February 2024

"Keeper Becky was great. She answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable about the penguins and their various habits and personalities. It was fantastic to be able to get so close to them, and to experience some of their different characters. We liked throwing Hollister his fish, but Darwin, Spud and all the others who came to say hello had their share too. A brilliant day! Thanks!"

Deirdre Magoris, Swansea, 28 January 2024

"Absolutely brilliant experience. The staff member who was with us was amazing, she explained everything, answered all questions, never made us feel rushed and she seemed to totally love her job."

Catrin Evans, Carmarthen, 27 November 2023

"The experience was amazing. Natasha the keeper was great and answered all our questions and was very friendly. Would definitely do the experience again and would recommend it to others."

Sam Godsell, Bridgend, 04 November 2023

"We had a really lovely time feeding the penguins. The keeper was great with my son, showed us pictures of penguins hatching and growing and then took us to feed them. He had an amazing time and we were kindly allowed a whole family photo at the end. Would highly recommend this."

Alison Ramseier, Staffordshire, 30 October 2023

"Totally loved this experience! Had this as a Christmas gift and totally forgot to book it until last minute so one thing I would say is to book your day asap because it does fill up very quickly! I can't remember the name of the lovely lady who looked after us but she was fab and took some lovely pics too! She also pointed out Holly the penguin who has now captured my heart. Amazing experience!"

Ella Day, Caerphilly, 16 October 2023

"My partner and I visited Folly Farm this year for the penguin experience, which was absolutely brilliant and would highly recommend to anyone who loves penguins! We enjoyed walking round the entire zoo and farm to admire the animals. The vintage fun fair attractions are awesome and are very unique. We will be coming back in the future and will be recommending this place to anyone as a place to go!"

Reanne Hewitt, Redditch, 15 October 2023

"Had such an amazing time! I bought this experience as a birthday present for my partner. Martha was great, told us some nice facts and took some really amazing photos for us. We had a cute little visit from Yo-Yo that made the end of the visit. Highly recommend if you love penguins!"

Aimee Gumbs, Swansea, 10 October 2023

"We had an amazing time feeding the penguins and would highly recommend! Would love to come back again and see them all."

Alex Collis, Bristol, 06 October 2023

"Amazing experience worth buying alongside a day ticket to have such a wonderful time."

Kyle Price, Swansea, 14 September 2023

"Top marks...absolutely fantastic keeper."

Sarah Gibson, Brynaman, 06 September 2023

"Me and my partner really enjoyed the penguins. We're definitely looking at doing another experience (maybe the sloth one). We've told everyone about it and how brilliant the experience was. Massive thank you to Catrin for capturing photos of the two of the us with penguins."

Zachary Brennan, Port Talbot, 05 September 2023

"Caroline was super enthusiastic and really lovely. She gave us lots of time and answered all of our questions about the penguins. She was really knowledgeable and friendly. My daughters really enjoyed it!"

Louise Humar, Newport, 25 August 2023

"Absolutely fantastic experience. Caroline was amazing with Charlie, she answered all our questions, her enthusiasm and love for the penguins was infectious and made the experience even better. Charlie loved meeting the penguins and learning about them and their personalities. Would highly recommend to any penguin fan! Thank you for making the experience so lovely."

Lucy Gurner, Pontyclun, 24 August 2023

"Thank you very much to our keeper, who gave the kids a very enjoyable and enthusiastic introduction to the penguins. The children had a lovely, special time and were helped to feel calm and comfortable getting so close to the birds."

Lucy Moore, St Albans, 15 August 2023

"First time ever doing something like this but it was amazing! Natasha was very friendly and welcoming and told us lots of information about the penguins you have there and showing us what we needed to do, really going out of her way to make us feel comfortable, couldn't fault her or the experience at all."

Amy Uddin, Neath, 19 July 2023

"It was perfect, my daughter absolutely loved it and the lady was very informative, friendly and made my daughter feel important. Will be booking again."

Mia Vaughan, Pontypridd, 18 July 2023

"Absolutely lovely experience. Well set up. Zoo keeper was so friendly and informative. Memories to last a life time. Would highly recommend."

Ashley Fleming, Ireland, 05 July 2023

"Absolutely fantastic, the keeper was amazing. She answered absolutely any question about the penguins and really let us get stuck in! Was an experience we’ll never forget!"

Jordan Donnachie, Bridgend, 29 June 2023

"Caroline the keeper was amazing with my son who had this feeding experience as an 11th birthday present! He fully enjoyed himself and we got to meet our favourite, Darwin. He had a cuddly penguin to take home and the keeper put two green bands on its wings to match Darwin’s so he had his own mini Darwin to take home. Absolutely brilliant! My son was absolutely delighted. Well done Caroline and Folly Farm."

Emma Roach, Pembrokeshire, 28 June 2023

"I absolute loved my time with the penguins! The lovely zoo keeper's knowledge and passion for the penguins was so lovely, she was so welcoming as well! Made the experience 100 times better! So thank you!"

Lisa Wilkes, Haverfordwest, 19 February 2023

"A brilliant experience made even better by the enthusiastic, knowledgeable and super friendly penguin keeper, Caroline. It was great meeting the penguins, some of them are real characters too! We also explored the rest of Folly Farm and really enjoyed our time there, all the keepers we chatted to were friendly and informative. We thoroughly recommend the feeding experience or even just a visit."

Mile and Mandy Southerton, Somerset, 16 February 2023

"It was amazing. I loved every minute! The woman working there was really friendly and informative."

Lauren Godfrey, Cardiff, 12 February 2023

"My little boy got a penguin feeding experience as part of his 9th Birthday present. He had the best time from start to finish. Caroline the penguin keeper was so kind, welcoming and informative. She truly is an asset and made his experience even better! We did not feel as though we were rushed at all and at the end he was given a plush penguin toy and a certificate. Would 100% recommend. Thank you!"

Michelle Riley, Pembrokeshire, 28 January 2023

"The member of staff who did the experience with us was fantastic. She was passionate about the penguins she cares for and was incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly with me and my partner. We absolutely loved the experience and the memory will definitely last a long time."

Richard Hillier, Pembrokeshire, 15 January 2023

"Caroline the keeper was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about pengunis and made our experience really special. It was great fun and didn't feel rushed with plenty of time to take photos and watch the penguins afterwards. My husband was able to get really close and take photos too. My nine year old son absolutely loved everything about the day. We would recommend to anyone of any age."

Jo Hillier, Cardiff, 06 December 2022

"This is the third time my 11 year old son and his godfather have fed the penguins and they both absolutely love it. They said it’s such an amazing experience with all the penguins around your feet. They’re already booked again for next year."

Rachel Bagley, Neath, 08 October 2022

"The penguins were so excited for lunch and we had lots of fish to feed them so didn’t run out too quickly. Caz had amazing energy and is clearly passionate about these penguins which made the experience even more enjoyable for us. Caz went the extra mile taking loads of photos so we can always remember this day, she is a credit to the zoo. Thank you so much for having us, an amazing time was had."

Gemma McLean, Hampshire, 21 September 2022

"Caroline was truly brilliant, her enthusiasm and warmth truly made the whole day/experience so memorable. She took over 150 photos and videos for us and didn't make us feel rushed at any time. She is a total credit to your workplace."

Matthew Skeats, Basingstoke, 21 September 2022

"Excellent experience. Keeper was so friendly and informative. She definitely knew her stuff about the penguins. And clearly has a huge passion for them! The experience was a good length of time, so great to be able to get up close and feed the penguins. And another huge bonus, Macaroni penguins have always been my favourites, we didn't know you had them until we turned up! Just amazing!"

Chloe Talbot-Sinfield, Gloucestershire, 16 September 2022

"I had a fantastic experience. Would love to do it all again. Even when the experience was over I was by the lions enclosure and the zoo keeper came up to me with bubbles to blow to the penguins, it was fantastic to watch them bob up and down in the water."

Jasmin Benjamin, Pontygwaith, 15 September 2022

"The penguin feeding experience was bought as a gift for my daughter last Christmas. Although it’s a long wait, booking months in advance, as these experiences sell fast. It was well worth the wait. My daughter is 14 and absolutely loved feeding the penguins. The zoo keeper was very experienced and knew all the penguins' names. She was lovely and so welcoming. We’ll definitely book more experiences."

Ceriann Carter, Hengoed, 26 August 2022

"Very fun and the woman was very informative and joyful. Just wish there was more fish for all the penguins!"

Erin Hucker, Tredegar, 31 July 2022

"My son has waited four years for this experience, his 8th birthday present. He loved every second, and wished it was longer! Has slept with his penguin ever since!"

Charlette Smoothy, Crymych, 28 July 2022

"My son thoroughly enjoyed his penguin experience. Catrin was so lovely and really informative. Thank you Catrin. The highlight of our annual trip down to the area."

Jenny Lloyd, Wrexham, 25 July 2022

"It was a Christmas present for my daughter who was absolutely thrilled to get that close to penguins. She actually said it was the best day of her life and she got married in May! The lady with her was lovely and friendly taking close up pictures for us. It was a truly amazing experience for all the family who were there. She would love to do it again. Thank you."

Maria Cahalane, Maesteg, 23 July 2022

"A fabulous time with Folly Farm's penguins, starting with a warm welcome from Caroline the keeper. A bucket full of fish, on to the pool. This kept me busy trying to feed each one in turn. A wonderful experience, highly recommended. Thank you all."

Catherine Burrows, Neath Port Talbot, 18 July 2022

"We bought the penguin feeding experience for our son as part of his birthday present as he loves visiting the penguins every time we go to Folly Farm. He had the best time. The keeper Martha was lovely. She answered all our questions. Thank you so much for making my sons feeding experience something he can remember forever."

Jen Harling, Pembroke Dock, 10 July 2022

"The penguin experience is out of this world! Catrin made us feel so comfortable whilst feeding the penguins, she even took photos and videos as we were feeding them. An incredible experience, and a huge appreciation for Catrin for making it so wonderful."

Shelly Parker, Bridgend , 07 July 2022

"Fantastic experience worth every penny, the keeper Caz ensured I got to feed my favourite penguin which was just amazing! Thank you to all the team we had a fantastic day with you."

Daniel Jaggard, Hereford, 21 April 2022

"I was brought this experience for my 30th birthday as Ihave always loved penguins. From the moment I was met by the keeper to the end I was kept informed etc. The keeper was so clued up about the penguins and explained every step of the process to feed them. She knew which penguins were which and told me their breed etc. My family also came to watch and she also kept them informed which was nice."

Mark Hopcroft, Birmingham, 04 April 2022

"Book. Book. Book. This is one of the most amazing animal feeding experiences we have ever done. We can highly recommend it and will definitely come back to do it again."

Kelly Shaw, Pontypool, 02 April 2022

"It was a fantastic experience. Caroline the keeper was so lovely she explained all about the penguins and where they came from. It was a fantastic experience."

Emma Jones, Brecon , 09 March 2022

"What a brilliant experience, the keeper Caroline was amazing, such a happy person with a great knowledge of penguins. As usual there were loads of penguins wanting food and it surprised me that Caroline could name each one as they came to eat fish from my hand. I could have stayed there all day with them, well worth every penny. I'll be booking again on my next visit, thank you for a brilliant time."

Sam Lane, Brecon, 09 March 2022

"We bought the penguin feeding experience for our grandson for Christmas 2020. Due to Covid we had to postpone the experience and Folly Farm kindly offered an extension of the end date. It was well worth the wait. Our grandson who is nine thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He really enjoyed feeding the penguin and decided his favourite one was Yoyo. An experience I'm sure he'll talk about for a long while."

Jane Noden, Cheshire, 06 March 2022

"Was an amazing experience! Felt taken care of, wasn't rushed at all and was given lots of information about the penguins."

Katie Turner, Bridgend, 27 February 2022

"A great experience! The penguin keeper Caz was amazing she was very informative and she made the experience enjoyable. We were able to get up close to the penguins and learn about their different qualities. We highly recommend it!"

Ceri Thomas, Carmarthen, 20 February 2022

"I had an incredible experience. The weather was horrendous but it was wet so the penguins were in their element! I had a lovely staff member who was happy to answer any questions, made sure I got the most out of the experience and even took photos of me to ensure I remembered it. The penguins were friendly and eager to take fish from me. Best experience of my life!"

Victoria Morgan, Barry, 12 February 2022

"Absolutely an amazing experience for any penguin fan! Evan really enjoyed the day, the zoo keeper Caz was friendly and full of information. We have some perfect photos to keep of an outstanding experience."

Claire Davies, Caerphilly, 20 July 2021

"I bought this experience for my fiancé for Christmas 2020, it had to be postponed several times but Lee was very helpful every time I contacted him. The experience itself was amazing. Caz was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and made the entire experience very enjoyable. We had an amazing time with the penguins and we were both loved how close they come to you when feeding them. Absolutely brilliant."

Erin McVitty, Worle, 19 March 2021

"This was a birthday present for my daughter. She loved it. She still talks about it now three months later. She loved preparing the fish first and then she loved feeding them and chatting to the penguins as well. The two staff who supported her were gentle and very knowledgable. It is something we might even do again. Many thanks."

Nikki Davies, Llandrindod Wells, 01 October 2020

"Super friendly and warm staff. Very informative and you could tell how much they adore the animals and their commitment to them. I had a wonderful experience having visited the farm twice a year for 17 years and the experience was just brilliant. Perhaps the lions next time!"

Louise Hall, Newport, 16 March 2020

"My daughter did the penguin experience and from the start she loved every minute of it. The keepers were great, they looked after her really well and spent time explaining everything they do to look after the penguins and were very knowledgeable when she was asking questions. While she was feeding the penguins one of the keepers stayed by my daughter and was telling her all their names."

Graham Sampson, Haverfordwest, 08 March 2020

"Had a fantastic experience from start to finish. Loved the information that was given to us by the very knowledgeable and friendly ladies and being able to prep the food before going into the penguin enclosure to feed them. Loved the little cuddly toy penguin as a souvenir. If you love penguins it’s a must do when you visit Folly Farm."

Carol Ferguson, Tenby, 21 February 2020

"My son has waited since he was three to feed the penguins, he turned eight this Feb so we surprised him with feeding the penguins with his big sister. Well it didn't disappoint it was so worth the wait. The penguin feeding experience was amazing even in the rain. So much info given and to actually hand feed the penguins, the keepers made them feel at ease and answered a thousand questions. Thank you."

Vicky Hancock, Templeton, 18 February 2020

"Fantastic experience!"

Meinir Richards, Wenvoe, 17 February 2020

"I had the penguin experience for my 9th birthday. It was great, I loved meeting the penguins and finding out more about them."

Alice Bundy, Cardiff, 08 February 2020

"Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Recommended to all my friends. Staff were so knowledgeable and patient with my child who was nervous at first. Both my nine year old and an adult taking part were both treated exactly the same by staff and made to feel special (you would never have thought they do the same thing with customers every day). We visited on a miserable, cold, wet day but that didn’t dampen the day at all."

Sian Jeremiah, Neath, 11 January 2020

"Fantastic. The zoo keepers were keen and interesting, would highly recommend."

Cassie Hines, Port Talbot, 05 January 2020

"Wow! Was booked as a birthday present. Was an excellent experience from start to finish. The two members of staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helped to make this experience such a memorable occasion. From preparing the penguins food, to hand feeding the penguins. 10/10 couldn't recommend enough. Already looking forward to booking another animal experience. Thank you."

Mike Bailey, Bristol, 19 October 2019

"The penguin experience was a gift from a friend who was able to come along and watch. It was such a special and fun experience. The friendly staff member gave interesting information at each stage, guided me in what to do i.e. scoop the fish into a bucket, insert nutrient tablets into a few of them, then feed the fish to the penguins. Each penguin was known to staff by name and by character/habits."

Helen Bookless, Milford Haven, 23 September 2019

"Have just fed the penguins. My lovely daughter Zoe surprised me with this gift. Met the wonderful Caroline and Catrin who clearly adore each and every penguin and shared a huge amount of facts with us. Actually got to hand feed the penguins. Amazing. Would certainly recommend."

Ruth Gittins, Powys, 19 September 2019

"I had the best time feeding my favourite animals. I have always loved penguins and being so close up to them was amazing. The keepers were so friendly and helpful and very knowledgeable. Folly Farm is a lovely zoo and we had a great day."

Marion Needham, Northamptonshire, 18 September 2019

"Loved every minute of it! The keepers were really lovely and very informative. It was extra special when my son could also come in with the penguins. Best part for me was one when of the penguins was gently tapping me when he wanted fish! Amazing!"

Kelly Barraclough, Cwmbran, 11 September 2019

"My little boy had the penguin experience for his 8th birthday he absolutely loved it. He smiled from the beginning to the end and wants to do it all again next year. The Folly Farm staff with the penguins were fantastic, they had all the time and patience in the world and had lots of answers for my little boy's questions. Thank you Folly Farm I would highly recommend the experience to anyone."

Julie Ferris, Port Talbot, 03 September 2019

"I thought it was excellent. Surprised that the penguins were so gentle and so entertaining! The staff were very kind and informative, good knowledge of penguins! I learnt how to put vitamins into the penguins food. Glad that I was given gloves!"

Finlay Rickard, Haverfordwest, 29 August 2019

"Had a fantastic time even though the weather was horrible. The penguin keepers were really friendly and very informative. The penguins are gorgeous, my favorite was Holly. Would definitely recommend."

Pauline Thomas, Swansea, 16 August 2019

"My daughter turned eight and couldn’t wait to take part in the experience, she’s an animal lover. This was just the perfect birthday present we could have given her, from the start of the experience we were explained how to feed them, which way to pop the fish in the mouth and information on all the penguins they have at Folly Farm, the enclosure was definitely the best bit seeing my daughters face."

Jennifer Mills, Haverfordwest, 13 August 2019

"My two grandchildren aged 11 & 16 both enjoyed their experience feeding the penguins which was made special by the two helpful and friendly staff who looked after them, nothing was too much trouble. They also took a great interest in my grandson who has just returned from a World Challenge Trip to Belize. Many Thanks."

Terry Bravin MBE, Swansea, 05 August 2019

"I arranged this visit for my eight year old nephew and he absolutely loved every minute of it. The keepers were very knowledgeable and made us feel welcome straight away. My nephew helped to prepare the food and then fed the penguins. He was encouraged to take his time, relax and enjoy it. He was visiting from America and said this was the highlight of his visit. Perfect gift for an animal mad child."

Lynne Stanley, Pembrokeshire, 17 July 2019

"I have a love of penguins and I received the gift for Christmas from my children. I would highly recommend the experience, the staff were so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Feeding the penguins was incredible and an experience I will treasure."

Michelle Symonds, Merthyr Tydfil, 13 July 2019

"Bought as a birthday present for my eight year old daughter. Didn't get round to booking it until Easter but it was well worth the wait, she absolutely loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it! My youngest can't wait until she is old enough to do it! Thank you for a fabulous experience and wonderful memories!"

Lucy Noonan-Croft, Swansea, 30 June 2019

"What a wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. The staff were fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure I had the best day ever. Feeding the penguins has been the highlight of my year. Thank you so much for the opportunity."

Jordan Van-De-Cappelle, Haverfordwest, 27 June 2019

"I really enjoyed meeting and visiting the penguins and meeting the friendly keepers."

Nikki Higgs, Machynlleth, 27 June 2019

"We bought the experience for my daughter Georgia for her 8th birthday. She’s been waiting for three years to be old enough to do it! Even though she broke her foot the night before our visit we were so glad she was still able to participate. She is still telling people all about her experience. In her words “it was the best day of my life!”"

Amy Pearce, Bridgend, 22 June 2019

"We bought this animal feeding experience for our daughter's 10th birthday. She thoroughly enjoyed her time feeding the penguins. It was such a lovely experience for her and one I'm sure she will remember for a very long time. She named her penguin soft toy, which she received at the end of her experience, Magnum after one of the penguins who kept standing on her feet. She loves this penguin."

Kathryn Wilcock, Flintshire, 19 June 2019

"Bought for my daughters 21st , absolutely loved it. The two female staff were very informative and friendly which added to the experience. Being up close and able to feed the penguins made her fall in love all over again. There is only one word to describe it - amazing."

Deborah John, Newport, 15 June 2019

"The two keepers who were in charge of the penguin experience were amazing, it was just my friend doing the experience but they kindly let myself and two children into the room where they prepared the fish to get out of the horrendous weather while we waited. They also very kindly as the weather was bad and not many around let myself and my daughter in with our friend to have a photo in the enclosure."

Natasha Karatay, Neath, 04 June 2019

"I had a fantastic time, the keepers were really friendly and answered all my questions. We had to prepare the fish to keep the penguins healthy then went into the enclosure. The penguins grabbed the fish off me, it was really good fun. We tried to throw fish for the swimming penguins, but Steve the seagull stole some of them! I loved it and want to do it every year! Thank you."

Ethan Robins, Port Talbot, 02 June 2019

"Fantastic time with the penguins! The keepers were very knowledgeable and could even remember all their names. We literally hand fed them by the edge of the pool and even my dad was allowed in to take loads of pictures. Great birthday present, great experience. Thank you Folly Farm."

Chloe Garey, Worcestershire, 31 May 2019

"Excellent all round. Nicely organised, the two girls running it were really helpful, and explained everything really well, and most importantly I got to feed penguins! How cool is that?"

Joe Nikel, Market Harborough, 30 May 2019

"It was a present for our three grandchildren. They came away saying they had a great time and the two keepers were great with the children."

Yolande Ward, Cardiff, 26 May 2019

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed feeding the penguins. The keepers were lovely and put her at ease as she was a bit nervous at first. Fantastic experience which she will never forget. Would highly recommend to others."

Pippa Chadwick, Swansea, 19 May 2019

"I absolutely loved feeding the penguins. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. My godfather came with me too as part of his birthday present and he loved it to. We are both going to do it again in the Summer. We come to Folly Farm every year and I can’t wait to come back to fed the penguins again. We both love the penguins. From Hobie aged 8."

Rachel Bagley, Neath, 18 May 2019

"Myself and my fiancee thought this was the best experience day we have been on. The two keepers that worked there were brilliant, they were extremely helpful and you could see they really loved their job, they made our experience better. Their knowledge and passion for the penguins was brilliant and we would much like to one day do it again. Thank you for a great day."

Mike Powell, Newport, 17 May 2019

"I cannot praise this experience enough. The lion keeper was amazing and explained everything about the lions, their differences in personality traits, how they slept, fed, interacted and we got to feel some fur that was found in their bedding. It was fantastic. I really felt like I knew the lions before feeding them. The feeding was a real adrenaline rush and an experience that I want to repeat!"

Lisa Williams-Gwyther, Port Talbot, 05 May 2019

"I had a fantastic time in my penguin experience. I have always wanted to do it and it's something I can tick off my bucket list."

Joanne Jones, Swansea, 04 May 2019

"My son had a wonderful time feeding the penguins from preparing the food, to getting to know them all a bit better through to then feeding them (and the seagulls!) a really great experience."

Becky Davies, Cardiff, 27 April 2019

"My daughter did the penguin experience and she really enjoyed it. She was so laid back feeding them and even enjoyed preparing their food. The girls there were amazing, kind, funny and so professional. We will definitely be doing this again soon. Thank you so much."

Fran Gals, Neyland, 27 April 2019

"We had a great experience. Highly recommend. Caz and catrin are great fun and knowledgeable. The penguin were so excited and full of energy porposing after their lunch. Like opening a pot of Pringles they couldn't stop. We think it would be a great name for one of the chicks. A huge thank you to both the girls."

Victoria Evans, Bridgend, 23 April 2019

"Absolutely amazing. Was up close with the penguins in their enclosure which I did not expect. The ladies with us were so kind and informative and showed such a passion for the beautiful animals. I wish I could visit way more often! Worth the travel."

Deon Groves, Cwmbran, 21 April 2019

"Brilliant experience. Excellent value for money. Amazing staff. Made my son feel really special. Wonderful to be so close to the penguins. They were so relaxed and comfortable around us. We had lots of time both prepping the fish and feeding the penguins and staff were really knowledgeable. Will be recommending this to everyone and would do it again."

Emma Fumagalli, Tamworth, 19 April 2019

"Fantastic experience my daughter really enjoyed the penguin experience would definitely recommended to friends."

Jason Hitchen, Manchester, 16 April 2019

"Excellent experience. Staff friendly and helpful."

Isaac Long, Newport, 15 April 2019

"Tilly Dora Jones received the penguin experience as an eighth birthday present gift from her cousins, it was a truly memorable experience which she thoroughly enjoyed and cant wait to do again. Thanks to the lovely penguin keepers who made her day!"

David Jones, Ammanford, 28 February 2019

"We booked a penguin feeding experience as a gift for my son Ryan’s tenth birthday! What a wonderful time he had! He got to prepare the fish and got to hand feed the penguins! In his words “it was a dream come true”. We’d like to thank the two zoo keepers for providing such an enjoyable experience. They were so friendly and knowledgable. We made memories today that will last a lifetime!"

Mia Davies, KidwellyCarmarthenshire, 26 February 2019

"The penguin feeding experience was amazing and I would 100% recommend it to anyone! The zoo keepers were very friendly and made us feel welcome. They provided us with loads of information about all the penguins and guided us step by step throughout the experience. It was definitely an experience to remember especially for a penguin lover!"

Megan Jenkins, Blackwood , 11 November 2018

"I purchased the penguin experience for my daughter for her 8th birthday. She thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from learning about the penguins, catching and preparing the fish to feeding them. Highly recommend this experience to anyone who loves penguins, even my daughter would love to do it again."

Alisha Kidney, Bridgend, 10 November 2018

"Fantastic experience. Up close and personal. Penguin keeper enthusiastic, informative and friendly. Her enthusiasm was infectious."

Alison Eatly, Llanelli, 04 November 2018

"Absolutely fantastic. It was a present for my eight year old boy. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and would love to do it again. From preparing the fish to hand feeding the penguins, it was amazing. Made even better by the fact that it was being live streamed on the website so my husband was able to watch as he wasn't able to make the trip. Would recommend to anyone thinking of doing it. You will see us again when our daughter turns eight as she wants to do it too."

Louise Davies, Ferndale, 03 November 2018

"We had a fantastic experience feeding the penguins. The two penguin keepers were really friendly and took the time with us to show how they look after the penguins. Before feeding the penguins we helped prepare the fish for them which my eight year old daughter enjoyed. It was fantastic feeding the penguins although some of them were fussy but they were not shy coming forward. I can’t recommend this experience enough! Plus Folly Farm itself is a fantastic family day out!"

Matthew Beaven, Weston Super Mare, 31 October 2018

"Had an amazing experience."

Donna Ferguson, Swansea, 30 October 2018

"My son had a wonderful experience feeding the giraffes. He couldn't believe how gentle they were! Amazing to watch these beautiful animals feeding. The zoo keepers are lovely and was a pleasure having them both make Oliver feel calm and relaxed, he was a bit nervous initially. But loved every moment of it!"

Katie Watts, Bridgend , 26 October 2018

"A birthday treat for my daughter. Rosie and Rachel, the keepers, were so welcoming, informative, patient and friendly. My girls had a fabulous time, before she’d even left the penguin enclosure my birthday girl was already debating which animal she would choose for next year’s birthday treat! Brilliant, I’d recommend it to any animal enthusiast."

Kate Steward, Monmouthshire, 16 October 2018

"Really magical experience with the penguins. Lovely keepers who made us feel really welcome and involved. The penguins were gorgeous of course and we had really happy time. Thank you."

Joseph and Joanna Dunford, Bristol, 04 October 2018

"I thought that the whole experience was brilliant. The various team members were really friendly and didn't mind me getting in the way. They were very informative and I got to do a lot myself! Definitely something I would do again. A big thanks to the Folly Farm team!"

James Hammacott, Bridgend, 24 September 2018

"Amazing experience, staff very knowledgeable and informative. Would definitely recommend!"

Lwci Harris, Pontypool, 23 September 2018

"Great birthday treat, staff were friendly and informative. Penguins cute and funny."

Emmie Watkins, Merthyr Tydfil, 22 September 2018

"One of the best experiences I have ever had, the staff were kind and helpful, always willing to ask questions and gave us plenty of time to hang out with the penguins as well as feeding them. I would definitely come and do it again."

Ben Gosling, Cheshire, 13 September 2018

"I booked this experience for my eight year old son and he absolutely loved it! Definitely would do it again and highly recommended!"

Laura Evans, Swansea, 24 August 2018

"It was fun but smelly. It was cool to see the penguins up close. I want to do it again."

Abigail Bews, Swansea, 17 August 2018

"I had two zoo keeper experiences for my 40th birthday, one with the giraffes and one with the penguins. It was great to get up close to the animals and I really enjoyed the experience. The staff are so friendly and informative and clearly love what they do! It is a great day out even if you don't have children! We are very lucky to have such a place on our doorstep,as being local we can go anytime we want! Would recommend as a gift for any age birthday, young or old!"

Rebecca Nelson, Tenby, 04 July 2018

"We bought the penguin experience as a gift for our eight year old son. He had a truly magical time the two keepers were friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. They made Alex feel very special as he prepared the fish for feeding time! During feeding there were lots of photo opportunities and at no time did we feel rushed. We've already recommended the activity to friends."

Jeanette George, Cardiff, 03 June 2018

"Such a privilege to see these gentle creatures up close and learn more about them. Keeper was friendly and happy to answer questions. Brilliant experience."

Christine Hewitt, Solihull , 16 May 2018

"What a fab experience. My son helped to feed the penguins and loved every second of it, from helping to get the fish ready by putting vitamin tablets into the fish to actually feeding them. As my son was the only one booked in at this time my husband and myself were also able to watch every part of the experience and were able to take pictures and experience the feeding up close. Highly recommended and the two keepers who were with my son were fantastic with him."

Evan Jones, BlackwoodGwent, 10 May 2018

"Really great experience always wondered what it would be like the other side of the fence! Staff were really helpful and informative and I loved every minute of it."

Carly Jones, Ebbw Vale, 23 April 2018

"It was a great day out. I got to prepare the penguins feed and learn a little more about the penguins themselves. You may need a strong stomach to prepare the fish for the penguins, it’s proper hands on. The experience of feeding the penguins was fantastic, the Humboldt’s are very hungry but as long as you listen to the keepers you’ll avoid any snaps. The Macoroni penguins are much gentler and a bit shy but they are lovely. I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again."

Robert Duncan, Gloucester, 20 April 2018

"My son had the penguin experience and it was the most amazing thing, from talking to the keepers to sorting the fish, and even feeding the penguins. Winston the penguin was amazing as he was catching them, they were all amazing and it’s memories like these will last forever. I would highly recommend the feeding of the penguins and it’s great value for money."

Donna Evans, Cardiff, 08 April 2018

"My son couldn't wait to turn eight so he could feed the penguins. He was the only one booked in and the two zoo keepers were amazing with him. He said it was the best day ever and enjoyed every minute."

Helen Danter, Aberdare, 05 April 2018

"Well I can only say, amazing. One of the best experiences I've had, the penguins are amazing, the keepers take you through the whole daily experience. I got to prep the food (very fishy haha) with any vitamin supplements and we got to walk around all the back room areas (hold your nose in the filter room who knew penguins were so smelly...still amazing though). Highly recommended this experience, keepers were friendly, although they wouldn't let me take home a penguin."

Lee Lewis, St Athan, 04 April 2018

"Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much. I brought my son and two daughters to visit today for my son's 8th birthday and surprised him with the penguin experience. My son has ADHD but your keeper Caroline was amazing, knowledgeable and friendly she answered all his questions and made memories he can treasure forever. Recommend the experience to everyone. Thank you."

Laura Davies, Pontypridd, 21 February 2018

"This was so much fun! The keepers were really friendly and knowledgeable, they made us feel really welcome. The penguins are adorable and I literally cannot wait to take part again! An absolute must for a penguin fan!"

Rachael Taylor, LlanharanPontyclun, 20 February 2018

"Thank you so much for Parker’s penguin experience, he had a fab time. The staff were fab, super friendly and full of information and even gave him a sneak peak of his favourite Peso in his nest. We look forward to our next visit to Folly Farm."

Stacey Long, Dinas PowysVale of Glamorgan, 20 February 2018

"Best time I have ever had, keepers were well experienced and very friendly. The one to one time you get with the penguins was outstanding. Great for anyone who loves these waddling little creatures."

Michael, Lancaster, 17 February 2018

"I brought my son and two daughters for my son's 8th birthday. Caroline the keeper was the best, answered all my son's questions and had an amazing experience."

Laura Davies, Pontypridd, 01 February 2018

"I had the best half an hour feeding the penguins. The two keepers that care of us were very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions I had, no matter how silly the question was! I would definitely recommend to friends. In fact I already have! My fiancee and I are planning another trip back in the future! Many thanks Folly Farm."

Gemma McKain, Portsmouth, 12 August 2017

"The girls were very welcoming and friendly, and very knowledgable about the penguins! They showed me how to prepare the fish for the penguins and showed me a real penguin egg! Feeding the penguins was amazing! Some of them even took the fish from my hand! This was my birthday present but I’m now saving my money so I can do it again!"

Toby Punter, BreconPowys, 01 August 2017

"We thoroughly enjoyed the penguin experience! Catrin was so nice. I asked if she wouldn't taking a photos of use and she went wild and took hundreds of us and the penguins! They made us feel at ease, answering all our questions and telling us about the penguins. And the penguins were amazing. A great experience I would highly recommend."

Tiffany Jones, Llanelli, 29 July 2017

"Great experience, the keepers were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and full of fun. To be so close to the penguins was brilliant. All together it was a great time. Be back soon for another experience."

Jan Brokenshire, Saundersfoot, 20 July 2017

"Absolutely brilliant, enjoyed every second. Learned a lot and the keepers couldn't be nicer."

Jacinta Dorney, Caerphilly, 17 July 2017

"Alfie had a fabulous time, his dream well and truly came true for him as he is obsessed with penguins after learning about them in school last year. He cried with happiness when he realised he hadn't just adopted one. A* experience."

Alfie Tasker, Trethomas, 15 July 2017

"Fantastic, well organized, fun day. Great animals (very well kept), friendly, helpful staff. Even great for adults. I personally love the vintage funfair. Highly recommended."

Simon Jagger, Cardiff, 01 July 2017

"I bought the penguin feeding experience for my daughter's 9th birthday. Firstly she had to 'catch' the fish from a tank and put into a bucket. Then she had to add vitamins to the fish (bit messy!). She was shown around the feeding room, freezers etc and had a little chat about the penguins. Then it was feeding time! You walk down to the penguin pool and start handing and chucking them fish! She loved feeding them all. The two zookeepers were very friendly. The experience lasted about 30 minutes. Afterwards she was given a lovely sized penguin cuddly toy. Would highly recommend to any penguin lover!"

Jess Wharton, St Florence, 19 November 2016

"A really enjoyable day. Keepers were really nice and informative. Preparing the food and hand feeding the penguins was awesome. Nice to have something like this close to home. Thanks for a lovely experience. Keep up the good work!"

Rhys Francis, LLanelli, 27 October 2016

"Really enjoyed the keepers talk she was able to answer any questions I asked. Also enjoyed the hands on experience of feeding the giraffes even the slobber! Would book again. Thank you."

David Powell, Cwmbran , 23 October 2016

"Brilliant experience. The keeper was superb and taught us a lot. Our daughter got to watch which made the experience even better. Thanks a lot."

Brian Paddick, Manchester, 21 October 2016

"I really enjoyed feeding the penguins. It was a great experience."

Robson Fox, Ammanford, 16 October 2016

"My daughter enjoyed the experience of feeding the penguins from start ot finish. The staff made her feel welcome and explained everything thoroughly."

Caroline Jones, St Clears, 01 October 2016

"Spent a lovely day out with my mother in law for her birthday. We prepped the fish and hand fed the penguins, all the while talking to the very knowledgeable Folly Farm team. Thank you for a great time, I would definitely recommend the experience for all animal lovers, young or old."

Jane Neathey, Swansea , 07 August 2016

"The best time of my life. I enjoyed every moment and it made a lifelong dream come true. I learnt so much about the penguins and the enclosure and feeding them was a surreal wonderful experience."

Elin Jones, Lampeter, 03 August 2016

"The experience was truly amazing, the keeper was so informative and enthusiastic really making my son at ease. My son's favourite animal are the penguins and he was thrilled to be up close with them and hand feeding them couldn't fault it was perfect."

Harry David, Treorchy RCT, 20 June 2016

"50th birthday gift from daughter. Wonderful experience, prepared food, saw the filter room and food storage then got close up and fed the penguins. An experience I'll treasure forever."

Sandra Irvine, Wales, 05 June 2016

"My daughter had the penguin experience and it was fantastic. She was taken to a side room to prepare the fish for feeding and the two keepers were brilliant and very patient when answering questions and showing us what to do. My daughter then went in with the penguins to hand feed. It was a day to remember, can't wait to do it again."

Nicola Blackwell, Tredegar, 01 April 2016

"We booked both the penguin and giraffe experiences as a surprise for my mum's 70th birthday. It was easy to book over the phone. We were very lucky as mum was the only person booked for the penguin feeding so we were allowed to go in and take photos. An extra touch was that the staff knew it was mum's birthday and made sure to pass ont heir best wishes."

Gina Fox, Pembrokeshire, 09 October 2015

"My son absolutely adored this experience! We came on a really rainy day and normally this would dampen his spirits but absolutely not, he loved every second, from loading the fish with vitamins, to seeing the hatching area and finally going to feed the penguins while the keepers gave a talk. Then watching them chase bubbles was brilliant. We were able to be with him throughout so it was all the better for seeing him so happy and excited. The keepers were clearly very knowledgeable and more than that, passionate about their animals which shined through. Cannot recommend this experience more."

Jayne Hayward, Lowestoft, 19 August 2015

"Absolutely amazing, the keepers were mad in a great way, so enthusiastic about the penguins and their job. A lifetime memory!"

Bethan Byrne, Manchester, 01 November 2014

Four star reviews

"The booking and payment process for the experience was very easy. Great customer service. Caz was amazing with my niece, extremely knowledgable, patient and enthusiastic. I would say the price is far too high for the experience offered, which is no reflection on the staff."

Laura Walters, Haverfordwest, 15th October 2022

Three star reviews

"This is the third experience we have booked and although good it wasn't the best, penguins were not really interested in food because they're nesting, and went very quick. Giraffes and rhinos was better. We have booked the sloths for next year."

Hayley Neil, Newport, 14 February 2024
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