Orange winged Amazon parrot

These colourful, noisy birds are beautiful to look at and always make an impression.

But it’s green!

Yep, no denying that. The main colour of the orange winged Amazon is indeed green. On top of their head they have blue and yellow feathers. The orange feathers can be found on its tail and underneath its wings which can be seen when in flight.

As the name suggests they can be found in the Amazon region of South America – Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. They are also found as far as Trinidad and Tobago.

Orange winged Amazon parrot questions and answers

How and where do they nest?
They nest in holes in trees and usually three or four eggs are laid.

Can parrots ‘talk?’
Not really no, they are more likely to copy sounds and whistle.

Do they like company?
They do, they like the company of other birds but also people.

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