The crocs are coming!

We’re excited to announce that crocodiles will be joining the Folly Farm family in 2020.

Work has nearly finished on a crocodile enclosure in our Tropical Trails exhibit which is also home to our sloths, bats and snakes. It will be home to two West African Dwarf Crocodiles.

Come and see me from February 2020…and make it snappy!

Classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List due to hunting for their meat and destruction of their habitats, our female crocodile was caught in the wild as part of the illegal pet trade and seized by customs. The male was captive bred at Barcelona Zoo. We’re re-homing them from Drayton Manor Park, their home for a number of years, as it’s currently redeveloping its crocodile enclosure.

“Tropical Trails seeks to highlight the issues of habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade so these new additions will be a flagship species for the conservation messages we’re trying to deliver. We’re designing the enclosure to replicate the swampy, forest habitats in Africa with plenty of glass viewing windows so our visitors will get a good view of these powerful creatures.” – Tim Morphew, zoo curator.

Our new crocodile enclosure in Tropical Trails will raise awareness of the illegal pet trade.

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