First litter of Middle White piglets for priority breed

Rare breed success as Middle White sow Irene gives birth to piglets after artificial insemination!

Irene is a first time mum who birthed five perfect pink piglets on 1st September. Not only are they adorably cute – but they are our first ever litter by artificial insemination so we’re very proud Folly Farmers indeed – well done team!

Our litter of rare Middle White piglets who were born earlier this month

Farm Manager Kim enthused:

“Middle Whites are classed as a priority breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) – and despite there being only one female in this litter, it’s a very positive step to the future of this species.”

The Second World war and meat rationing led to a concentration on the cheaper ‘bacon pig’ – and the specialist ‘pork pig’ (like the Middle White), was sidelined.  As a result, their population declined sharply and they became almost extinct. In 2019 a total breed population of just 321 was reported and in 2021 the breed was listed on the RBST watchlist as a ‘priority’, the highest level of risk.

In recent years the demand for good quality meat has once again led to Middle White pork appearing on the menus of top London restaurants, with glowing reports regarding its outstanding quality. If it had not been for this, along with the efforts of a handful of dedicated enthusiasts, the breed could have declined even further – Yikes!

We’re delighted to be the only Welsh Farm Park to gain Rare Breed Survival Trust approval – for our efforts and contribution to conserving rare breeds of livestock.

The RBST is a national charity working across the UK to safeguard the future of rare and native livestock and equine breeds. It aims to reverse the decline of all livestock breeds listed on their watchlist and to have all the breeds on the watchlist in a stable position by 2028.

Proud mum Irene with her very special litter

Irene and her perfect piglets can be viewed at our piggery, near the other rare breed paddocks and Land Train tractor ride.

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