Nest boxes built to protect barn owls

We recently welcomed a local Mencap group to Folly Farm, in coordination with the John Burns Foundation in Kidwelly

The John Burns Foundation group visited the park recently, to learn more about barn owls and assist with conservation measures to help our resident owl population.

One of our own beautiful barn owls

Folly Farm is also home to wild barn owls, and they are frequently observed by staff in the straw barns behind the main attraction. Over the last 20-30 years, observations of barn owls in Pembrokeshire have steadily declined. Insufficient data means that an exact population number is unknown, but experts estimated that there were around 100 pairs in the late 80’s, now making them a priority species for conservation.

Barn owls are frequently victims of collisions with vehicles, especially along busier dual carriageways, and motorways. The barn owl population has also declined due to the conversion of derelict barns, which make up the majority of nesting sites. One way of helping barn owls is to erect artificial nest boxes.

The group with Farm Supervisor Alice and one of our owls

The group from Mencap were given a wonderful talk on barn owls from Farm Supervisor Alice and they got to meet one of our captive barn owls up close. The team then helped our conservation officer construct two indoor nest boxes which are suitable for barns. At the end of the day the group were able to watch one of these boxes being put in place into one of the sheds.

The group constructed some wooden nest boxes for the wild barn owls

“Everyone really had a great time, and a BIG THANKS go to everyone at Folly Farm and Jack for having us. What a brilliant experience. We hope the owls enjoy their new nest boxes, and we hope to see you again soon!”. – Rory from The John Burns Foundation

One of the boxes being placed inside one of the Folly Farm sheds

Thank you to the John Burns Foundation for assisting with this project.

Barn owl at Folly Farm
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