Lion webcam

They’re probably doing what big cats do. Lazing around!

Our lion cam looks out onto the middle of the Pride of Pembrokeshire enclosure. Our lions are often seen lying on or around the rock here. If you can’t see them they might be in their house, or another part of their enclosure, so please check back later.

Just click on the play button to view the live feed. Click on the arrows in the top right hand corner for a full screen view.

Hugo the lion
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Adopt a lion

Our adoption gift packs make a roar-some gift for lion fans - and each sale raises funds for our conservation partners!

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Lion feeding at Folly Farm
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Feed the lions

Enter the lion's den and hand feed the Pride of Pembrokeshire with this truly memorable gift

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Lion pride at Folly Farm
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Lion Reserve

Meet our pride of lions - handsome Hugo, his mate Luna and daughters Zahra, Sola, Ebele and Alika

Our pride