New Breeding Pair of Saki Monkeys Arrive at the Zoo

Meet female, Bela, and male, Kayapo – a breeding pair of saki monkeys that have recently joined the zoo family.

Two year old female, Bela joined us in April

Both two years old, Bela joined us from Whipsnade Zoo in April whilst Kayapo only arrived over the weekend from Drayton Manor. Both are getting on swimmingly already and have been spotted playing with their enrichment toys and sharing some tasty snacks in their new home at the Jungle Journeys exhibit. This certainly makes for some very happy zookeepers!

Male saki, Kayapo, arrived on the weekend from Drayton Manor

These striking primates have very different looks. Males have a very noticeable round, white face with a moustache – whilst the rest of their fur is almost black. Females on the other hand, sport a bit of a ’60’s inspired’ hair-do, and are a dark brown/grey colour.

Female saki monkeys sport a rather fetching ‘Beatles’ inspired hair-do

This species originate from South America and a mating pair tend to stay together forever  – so here’s hoping for a ‘happy ever after’ for these popular primates!

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