Adorable red pandas arrive at Folly Farm

And they are just too cute!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of two male red pandas as part of a European Endangered Species Breeding programme. Lotus and Baika have joined Folly Farm from Liberic Zoo in the Czech Republic and Opole Zoo in Poland. Classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List, they’re carnivores and will be cared for by our lion keepers Rosie and Fliss.

They’re currently living in a temporary closed-topped exhibit for quarantine purposes but are on display to the public. They’ll move into a purpose-built open-topped enclosure in the near future. They are located next to the cusimanse near the entrance to our rhino enclosure.

Tim Morphew, zoo curator at Folly Farm explained;

“We’ve been working on bringing red pandas to Folly Farm for a while now and we’re delighted to have them here. They’ve settled well and the keepers are working closely with them to establish feeding routines and to make sure they feel comfortable in their temporary surroundings. We know they will be a hugely popular with visitors to Folly Farm as not only are they an endangered species but they are very sweet indeed!”

Yes. I am cute!

They are classified as carnivores because they have carnivore teeth but their diet is 97% bamboo! They will eat small amounts of bugs, nuts and seeds. The rest of the time they will just be seen looking cute!  If you love red pandas as much as we do, why not adopt a red panda?

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