A member of the mongoose family they’re originally found in west Africa around Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory coast and Liberia.

They’re quite vocal!

Because the cusimanse is such a social animal they have a variety of noises to allow them to communicate, including barking, growling and even whistling.

Cusimanse have a very slender nose which is why they’re also known as slender nosed mongoose. Their noses come in really useful when they’re foraging for food in leaf litter, under rotted trees and under stones.

Cusimanse questions and answers

What do Cusimanse eat?
Fruits and berries plus small insects, rodents and lizards. They also like fresh water crab.

Do cusimanse live in large groups?
Fairly large. Groups usually consist of around 20 individuals. We have a very large group at Folly Farm because they have bred so well.

Do they have a preferred habitat?
It’s mainly tropical forests near water, but they also like open grassland.

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