Pensioner sloths top the charts again!

Bets may be on for who’ll bag the Christmas number one spot…

But at Folly Farm we’re more interested in who has topped our adoption chart! The odds were short for our popular pensioner sloths, Tuppee and Lightcap, and rightly so. They overwhelmingly topped our adoption leaderboard for the sixth year in a row – there’s a lot of love for our superstar sloths!

Tuppee and Lightcap featured live on the One Show earlier this year as our sloth keeper was interviewed about their sloth retirement home upgrade and their appearance crashed our website (again…having previously caused an outage when they were featured on the sofa with Phil and Holly on ITV’s This Morning!).

We’ve also launched a sloth feeding experience this year which is almost fully booked for the whole of 2022!

Meet the Sloths on our sloth feeding experience

That’s not all folks, we know how much you love sloths so we’ve also recently installed a live* sloth cam so can you get your sloth fix whenever you fancy (*it’s live and in real-time, it is we promise, but they’re sloths and by their very nature they don’t move much!).

And…next year sees the launch of our electric camping field “Sloth Hangout” so you can slumber like sloths in your tent and then come and see our sloths for real!

Yep you love sloths but let’s see how our other adorable animals faired in the adoption charts…

#1 Our superstar sloth adoption

At #2 it’s our floofy red panda adoption!

Adopt a red panda at Folly Farm

Towering in at #3 it’s our gorgeous giraffe adoption.

Feeding the giraffes at Folly Farm

Making a splash at #4 it’s our p-p-perfect penguin adoption.

#5 is our pig adoption!

We’re not kidding our goat adoptions are at #6

Our donkey adoptions at #7

Closely followed by our flamingo adoptions who are standing their ground at #8

#9 is our meerkat adoptions!

And our lion adoptions are at #10

#11 is our llama adoption

#12 is our black rhino adoption!

#13 it’s our sheep adoption!

#14 it’s our ring-tailed lemur adoption!

#15 it’s our stripy zebra adoption.

Snapping at their heels at #16 it’s our crocodile adoption!

Swooping in at #17 it’s our barn owl adoption!

#18 it’s our limited edition festive reindeer adoption gift pack.

And last, but not least, at #19 it’s a new product to our range, our alpaca adoption! We’re sure we’ll see these characters storming up the charts next year!

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